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Re: Emacs 22.1 Tramp issue

At 8:54 AM +0100 7/22/07, Chris Jones wrote:
>> But an intriguing one! I'm quite happy with tramp, but this sounds too
>> interesting to ignore. However, when trying to sshfs, I get
>> fuse: failed to exec fusermount: Permission denied
>> and indeed, the permissions of fusermount are -rwsr-xr-- 1 root fuse
>> And the README recommends using it as an ordinary user.
>> Have you added yourself to the fuse group?
>Ahh yes, I had forgotten about this little issue.
>Yes, I had to add myself to the fuse user group. I think I also had to reboot.

It is sufficient to log in again.  One can log out and log back in.  I just
did a "su -" to myself to get a new login shell.

One expected oddity of sshfs is that if users and groups don't match, the
names displayed by "ls -l" will be nonsense.

Another oddity is that inodes are assigned as files are encountered.  The
SFTP protocol doesn't provide the inode number, so sshfs invents them as
needed.  Thus, each time a remote directory is mounted, inode numbers
depend on the order that files are used.  Hard links in the remote
directory can't be respected.  "du" doesn't give correct results.

If I think of it as a more convenient sftp then it's fine.
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