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Re: Smart packages

On 7/22/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
        Not true. I understand what he was suggesting. Now lets run through
this thought a bit. Lets say your wife just got interested in Linux.
Would you tell her to d/l the boot disk and then without help select the
things she wants in her desktop?  That is stupid and will not work.

*My* wife isn't stupid - I'm reasonably sure she could figure it out.
OTOH, I'd burn her a copy, because I'm a nice guy.

        What she and all the other windows users want is to d/l one CD and load
a working system. This is all you can expect from a normal windows user.

And that's *precisely* what the live CD offers - a working system.
Does Office come on the XP install disc?  I did not think so.  How
about a FTP client?  A *decent* text editor?  A *decent* graphics
editor? A one-disc install of XP leaves you with a system, but not
much else.  Is "your wife" going to be able to go out and find all the
programs she needs to get work done by searching the web?  FFS, the
way it works in Fedora is *easier* than in 'doze, esp for someone new.

        This is why you need to think like I did and make a real effort to do
this. If not then Fedora will remain a Geek's toy.

If I thought like you, I'd defenestrate myself.  I hear you're moving
on to ubuntu - happy trails!


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