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Re: Mystery of chroot

on 7/22/2007 1:41 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2007/07/22 16:06 (GMT-0400) David Boles apparently typed:
>> As for Windows "needs reinstalling far more often than Linux"? Maybe for
>> some. I installed XP PRO in early 2002, it is needed for work, and the
>> only time I have had to reinstall was last spring when my hard drive
>> failed and I replaced it. I would not say two times in six years is often.
> A sample size of one machine is meaningless. Typical doz users have their
> systems mucked up by all sorts of detritus, for which a common, and
> sometimes only, escape is reinstallation.
> http://cdbaby.com/mp3lofi/lbarker5-03.m3u

Maybe. But it typically is not Windows that "mucks up" the system. It is
the user. Those are them same users that can "muckup" a Linux install.




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