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Sylpheed 2.3.1 rpm and 2.4.4 self-compile

As there is a fix for the gmail bug in the latest  version of Sylpheed that has
not yet made it into the F7 repository, I decided to compile it myself.

rpmbuild -ta --clean sylpheed-2.4.4.tar.bz2 

I then did "yum remove sylpheed" and "rpm -i sylpheed-2.4.4-1.i386.rpm "

It works fine with the exception of automatic spell checking.

On the F7 repository build of Sylpheed 2.3.1, Configuration - Common Preferences
- Compose - Spell Checking exists.

On my self-compile of 2.4.4, there is no Spell Checking tab under that same
Compose menu.

The only references I can find to spell checking on Sylpheed are instructions
for how to implement ispell or aspell to run off of the editor tab in the
compose window.

So the question is:  Why does the repository build of Sylpheed have an
on-the-fly spelling checker when my self-compile of a newer version doesn't?

I suspect I have missed something that is required to compile this thing with
on-the-fly spelling checker, but I can't find any reference that tells me what
that would be.

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~ http://www.melvilletheatre.com

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