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Re: XEN Kernel will not power off or list IPTables

On 7/22/07, Joseph Loo <jloo acm org> wrote:
I have been running the Xen kernel for awhile with Fedora 7 the 64 bit version.

I seem to have a power shutdown issue with the Xen kernel. When I do a shutdown,
the system will do a halt and require a manual power off. If I use the standard
kernel, it will power off the computer with no problem. I do notic in the Halt
instruction, some thing with ACPI shows up. In the Xen kernel, it just has a
plain halt.

Out of curiousity: were you ever able to power down properly with a
XEN-enabled kernel?
Someone please feel free to correct me, but last I recall XEN kernels
don't have proper ACPI support and this behavior is normal.

When I run iptables -L it will begin the listing, then it will halt or hangup on
the command.

Perhaps you should provide more detailed information on this issue.


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