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Re: Claws to Mutt

On 21Jul2007 11:12, Chris <racerx makeworld com> wrote:
| > You might want to show us an example line, copied from your
| > actual .fetchmailrc file, but without the password showing, rather
| > than a retyped example.
| > 
| > e.g. poll pop.mail.yahoo.com.au proto pop3 user "ignored_mailbox",
| > with password "secretwords", is "tim" here;
| > 
| > I use the glaringly obvious syntax, so it's easy to follow what I've
| > set into mine.  I do the same with things like iptables scripts (use
| > the long parameters, not the abbreviations - which I never remember).
| Thanks Tim - 
| poll mail.makeworld.com proto pop3 user "user makeworld com", with
| password "sillymunkietrixr4kidz" keep, is "munkie" here;
| [racerx racerx ~]$ fetchmail
| 1 message for racerx makeworld com at mail.makeworld.com (3549 octets).
| reading message
| racerx makeworld com@MAIL.MAKEWORLD.COM.NETSOLMAIL.NET:1 of 1 (3549
| octets)..fetchmail: connection to localhost:smtp []
| failed: Connection timed out. fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost
| failed fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from
| racerx makeworld com@mail.makeworld.com and delivering to SMTP host
| localhost fetchmail: Query status=10 (SMTP) [racerx racerx ~]$ 

By default fetchmail delivers to an SMTP server (your local one).

It seems a little strange that "localhost:smtp" should be instead of

1: Why is it using a public IP address instead of ?
2: Might you have firewall rules blocking connection to
   (Personally I use REJECT instead of DROP; it makes things fail faster.)

Also, personally, I use procmail when delivering from fetchmail, eg:

  mda  "procmail $HOME/rc/mail/procmailrc"

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Support Darwinian evolution -- Squash a weakling today.
        - David Wren-Hardin <bdh4 quads uchicago edu>

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