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Re: [OT] Mystery of chroot

on 7/22/2007 7:27 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2007/07/22 18:24 (GMT-0700) David Boles apparently typed:
>> All I can think then is that you know, or have met, some really
>> incompetent adults users. Or they have children that with this description.
> The world has an overabundance of both, though even average and intelligent
> people get caught blissfully and innocently in those many traps.
>> Let's cut the hyperbole. If Windows is really as bad as you say it is why
>> does 90% of the world use it?  ;-)
> A lot of software business depends on requires it, habit, and other legacies
> of a convicted felon and its supporting cast, like it's very not easy to buy
> a puter that doesn't come with it.

This is true. But just think a moment about this. Extimated that 90% of
the world uses Windows in some from or another. The remaining 10% are MAC,
Unix, Solaris, Linux, or whatever.

If you were to write malware who would you aim at here?

Or build a car? Would you aim at 10%, more or less, or 90% or the market?

I never said that Windows was great. But it does work. From the box. Which
is what most users want. And, if you are careful and don't do stupid
things it is a safe as you wish.

You have OS/2 in the sig. That was a great OS for example. The only virus
I ever saw written for it was a test from IBM and it did not work. That
was one secure OS.



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