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Re: cannot install fc7, fc6, or fc5 on new machine

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>>     ram:    4GB

> In these types of situations, I try to shoot for the lowest common
> denominator - I'd probably remove all but one stick of RAM, any

That might give two chances to do something helpful since the box has
4GB, in case that is enough to cause the trouble.

I think you can give kernel commandline options on the prompt before the
install (just try Fedora 7), since the disease seems to involve a
widespread inability to work the various peripherals like USB I would
think about trying


The last is because the soft lockup was involving the hpet clocksource.

Also have a meddle in the BIOS options, things like "legacy USB support"
being enabled brings on madness on some boxes.


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