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Re: Palm T|X on Fedora 7 I got it working with this clutsy workaround

Like everyone else, I ran into problems, but surprise, I have a
partial solution.

do a man udev for some background
Here is what I did,
I logged to root. 
I edited /etc/udev/rules.d/10-custom.rules  (it may not exist)
10-custom.rules  should contain the following
BUS="usb", SYSFS{product}="Palm Handheld*", KERNEL="ttyUSB*",
NAME{ignore_remove}="pilot", MODE="0666"

Since the complaint was a bind problem (security)

As a normal user now.

I went to the command line and did

sudo jpilot 

I then clicked on the hotsync of the Sony CliƩ  (a palm device)

It worked, and I created a backup.

But that is not all

do a sudo su
cd .jpilot
chown logon:logon *       #root ownership back to user
chmod +s *                #when running keep original owner  
chmod  666 *              #could be more restrictive

And that is that

So, to run jpilot for the future, just do 

sudo jpilot, hit the sync button on the palm, and then the sync on
Since it does not work from a regular user, the problem may be the
port settings.  I think it is a Selinux problem that blocks the port
from jpilot. There were several selinux updates since the May 31st
release of fc7

I have a backup of my Sony.

Next test is sudo jpilot from the command line
And it worked

Afterwards cd /home/logonid/.jpilot
and do a chmod -r 777 *

So until I find out how to do a chmod +s /dev/ttyUSB* just prior to
executing jpilot, I am are going to have to follow the steps that I

At least I am backed up. 

SOMETHING HAS CHANGED IN FC& since May 31st release with it worked so
to speak, out of the box.

Let me know your success(s)

leslie Satenstein
lsatenstein at yahoo dot com

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