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Re: Kernel panic after updating to kernel

robd wrote:
I've also got a panicing kernel....

was on 2.6.21-1.3228.fc7, updated to, rebooted...... grub
finds kernel and initrd... Uncompressing... Ok, booting kernel....

RedHat nash starts...

device-mapper: table 253:0: mirror: Device lookup failure
device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: No such device or address
Reading all physical volumes
No volume groups found
Volume Group "VG_doit" not found
Unable to access resume device /dev/VG_doit/LV_doit_swap
mount could not find filesystem /dev/root
Kernel panic - not syncing

My drives are hardware mirrored on a highpoint controller (hpt45x).
Any suggestions?


Possibly the module for the hpt45x was not included in the initrd. Try rebuilding the initrd file for the failing kernel and specifically include the hpt45x module, assuming it's in the kernel tree.


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