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Re: firefox version confusion

don vogt wrote:
When I do a "yum list firefox  I get firefox 1.5.
 I also did a "yum install firefox" and several yum
updates of firefox.
I appear to have two versions (copies?) of firefox.
 Am I wasting my time? Is the fedora build of firefox
1.5 the same as firefox 2.0? (as far as security

Sounds like you are using FC6. Firefox "2" was released only with F7, FC6 FF updates are essentially security fixes backported to FF 1.5. If you read both the F7 and FC6 update for FF mail in the fedora updates mailing list archives, you'll notice that the same vulnerabilities are fixed in both.

AFAIR, this was discussed on the list during the Zod era. The reason for not updating to FF2 then was that FF2 was more like a cosmetic release at the time when IE7 was released.

विवेक ज. पाटणकर (Vivek J. Patankar)

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