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Re: Need help with F7 install--just to get the boot DVD to work

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Bob Chiodini wrote:

1. My PC is 3 years old. Can it handle an ISO from DVD?
2. I burnt it as a data disc, just like I did the FC5 disks. Why isn't the OS loading from the DVD? AM I missing something?

Second, let's assume that, for whatever reason, I can't use a DVD. What are my options to boot from a CD?


I had older machines that would boot from DVD.

Is the image on the DVD a copy of the iso file or a file system. What do you see when you open the DVD (windows or Linux), a single file or files and directories. It should be the latter. Sorry about not being very specific. I don't have a CD or DVD handy.

I can't get it to open. Heck, after I try it, the DVD drive locks up, and I have to reboot the system just to get it out. Can I make a bootable ISO under FC5 (sorry about the off-topic) onto a DVD, and if so, how?

Also, is the PC set to boot from the CD/DVD before the local hard drive, in the BIOS?

Yes. It's the first boot device.


Burn a rescue CD, put a copy of the DVD iso in a directory (linux, like /home) you are not going to delete/format, do a "hard disk" install and point to that file when asked for the location.

Well, I intended to wipe out all of it and do clean instal. Upgrading from FC5 to FC7 sounds dangerous at best.

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