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Re: Need help with F7 install--just to get the boot DVD to work

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
On Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Bob Chiodini wrote:

1. My PC is 3 years old. Can it handle an ISO from DVD?
2. I burnt it as a data disc, just like I did the FC5 disks. Why isn't the OS loading from the DVD? AM I missing something?

Second, let's assume that, for whatever reason, I can't use a DVD. What are my options to boot from a CD?


I had older machines that would boot from DVD.

Is the image on the DVD a copy of the iso file or a file system. What do you see when you open the DVD (windows or Linux), a single file or files and directories. It should be the latter. Sorry about not being very specific. I don't have a CD or DVD handy.

I can't get it to open. Heck, after I try it, the DVD drive locks up, and I have to reboot the system just to get it out. Can I make a bootable ISO under FC5 (sorry about the off-topic) onto a DVD, and if so, how?

Also, is the PC set to boot from the CD/DVD before the local hard drive, in the BIOS?

Yes. It's the first boot device.


Burn a rescue CD, put a copy of the DVD iso in a directory (linux, like /home) you are not going to delete/format, do a "hard disk" install and point to that file when asked for the location.

Well, I intended to wipe out all of it and do clean instal. Upgrading from FC5 to FC7 sounds dangerous at best.


I'm not sure on FC5, growisofs is the app on FC6. k3b should also be able to do it.


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