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Re: Fedora 7 freezes two or three times per day

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Dawning Sky wrote:
> On 6/21/07, William Case <billlinux rogers com> wrote:
> I'm experiencing this freeze too.  I've disabled irqbalance, put
> "noirqbalance" in the kernel parameters, removed compiz.  But my F7
> system still freezes a few times a day.
> It appears related to the desktop environment.  I can leave it there
> for weeks, with server processes running.  But if I sit there and
> using the desktop environment, it then freezes frequently.  Nothing in
> the log files.
> I'm running F7 x86_64, with AMD X2 and the latest nVidia driver.  I've
> run memtest for hours without errors.  The kernel version is
> 2.6.21-1.3228.fc7.
> DS

Same here. I have these random freezes on my laptop and since I do not
have another m/c to access it, I am completely hosed :-(

The mouse & keyboard do not respond. I wanted to use compiz but then the
system would freeze more often.

I believe the problem is strongly related to the graphics driver. I have
a ATI M300 => radeon300 driver.

During the recent freezes, the only application that could have caused
an issue was Thunderbird's notification mechanism (which brings up a popup)

This behavior is definitely not acceptable. But what frustrates me the
most is the absence of any logs!!!! (Arghhh!!) Any hope of logging a bug
so that developers could fix the issue is lost.

Does any one know how I could capture these error messages? What are the
parameters to generate logs for the graphics drivers?

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