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Re: Need help with F7 install--just to get the boot DVD to work

On 7/23/07, Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste weather3 admin niu edu> wrote:
On Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

>> You can indeed.  The simplest method would be to use K3B and select Tools -
>> Burn DVD ISO Image from the toolbar at the top of the main screen.
> OK, tried this, but the device area was blank, and I don't see any way to get
> my DVD recorder on there. Assuming, of course, it can record. Trying it on
> another machine running FC5 now, as soon as the file is transferred there.

Nope, it doesn't see my DVD drive.

This stinks.

You can burn ISO image using RecordNow! too.

Open RecordNow!, click the right most tab, which has two disks on it,
and then select "Burn Image", which is the last item.

Your version of RecordNow! may be different from mine.  But the
keyword here is you want to burn "image", not burn files.


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