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Re: Need help with F7 install--just to get the boot DVD to work

On 7/23/07, Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste weather3 admin niu edu> wrote:
Hello all,

If anyone has any expertise on this, I'd greatly appreciate some answers.

I'm about to blast away FC5 and do an install of FC7 (backing everything
up first, of course). I downloaded nd then burned the F7 ISO to a DVD
using RecordNow! Plus under Windows XP SP2 (it was the most convenient way
to do this, sorry). Well, the ISO is on there and looks fine. But when I
tested it this morning on a machine I need to upgrade, it skips right by
the DVD and boots into FC5. The DVD player is a "DVD multi player", and
"RW combo(tm)" drive. I am wondering:

1. My PC is 3 years old. Can it handle an ISO from DVD?
2. I burnt it as a data disc, just like I did the FC5 disks. Why isn't the
OS loading from the DVD? AM I missing something?

Second, let's assume that, for whatever reason, I can't use a DVD. What
are my options to boot from a CD?

Thanks for any help!


CD/DVD writing help here.



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