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Re: Fedora 7 freezes two or three times per day

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Dawning Sky wrote:
> On 7/24/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
>> >
>>         I am interested in how your F7 freezes. I had a freeze
>> yesterday. What
>> happened I think was all the fast RAM got used and it was using the Swap
>> partition. I watched my hard drive light and it was on solid. I did
>> Ctrl-Alt F1 and in about 3 minutes it dropped to a prompt. But I was
>> unable to log in it so slow.
>>         Does this sound like yours?
>> -- 
> No. Not at all.  I have 4GB of RAM.  And my freeze can only be brought
> out of by a hard reset.
> DS

Well, I have 1.2Gigs of RAM on my laptop and as Dawning mentioned in
another thread, I do not believe I am running out of memory and the
harddrive light is not on either.

And my key board does not respond either, including the hardware keys
(WiFi/Bluetooth, etc.).

Most of the times, the only applications that could trigger such a
freeze were Thunderbird and any Java based application -- like an IDE.

Really looking forward to identifying the root cause of this issue.

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