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3 different volume levels possible (pidgin, mplayer and the operating system itself)


I'm attempting to have different sound levels for applications. so for
example let mplayer blast the sound out at 100%, pidgin at 75% and the
os itself also at 100%. I though dmix was the way to do this but i
can't seem to find any good "How To's" on doing this.

I did found this:

But both didn't work for me.
i'm running Fedora 7 and it's installed from the KDE Live CD (right
after fedora 7 was released). Currently i'm having alot programs
installed and even a few testing and F8 stuff but that shouldn't be a
problem. I am having normal sound here but just want to be able to
change the sound levels for individual programs instead of all at one.

I hope someone could help me with this,

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