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Re: Problems with F7: Wrong kernel type, prelink pegs my CPU

Gilbert Sebenste writes:

Hello all,

Got two problems with my new install of F7.

I am using kernel-xen-2.6.20-2925.13.fc7. Problem: I *don't* want to use Xen, I want to use the other kernel on my machine:


How do I fix that? Why did it do that on install?

You can press Enter at GRUB's boot prompt, and select the other kernel.

To make the default change permanent, edit /boot/grub/grub.conf, and change the default= setting. The first menu entry in Grub's boot menu is default=0, the second menu entry is default=1, and so on. Set default accordingly. Take care editing the grub.conf file, an accidental typo may have rather unfortunate results.

Second, a program called "prelink" pegs my CPU. Is it necessary, and if not, how do I turn it off besides doing a kill -9 on it?

That shouldn't happen. Run 'rpm -e prelink', but this should really be investigated further. prelink shouldn't be hogging the CPU, like that. Before nuking prelink, wait for eat to start eating the CPU, find its pid, then do "ls /proc/$PID/fd". Wait a few seconds, and do it again. See if there are any changes. You might have a corrupted binary somewhere that prelink is choking on. Prelinking is good, you want to try to keep it around.

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