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Re: Netscape Navigator RPM's

Kevin Kofler
>> Why would one want to use that rather than Firefox (which it is based on)
>> or one of the other Free browsers (Konqueror, Seamonkey, Galeon, Epiphany,

> Actually, there is NO reason, since Netscape Navigator 9 is basically a highly 
> customized version of Mozilla Firefox.

Fair enough, but for curiosity's sake:  Do you notice differences
between these browsers, if they have the same rendering engine behind
the facade?

> Actually, the only reason I have it and made the RPM's is because I
> like to test my site designs in multiple browsers.

Doesn't that drive you nuts?

I do it from time to time, but I gave up on the notion of pandering to
specific browser foibles, long ago.  All I tend to notice is that some
browsers are rather dire at doing something that's been a part of CSS or
HTML for many years.  These days I relegate MSIE testing to "can it be
used?" never mind (too much) what it looks like.

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