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Re: Kernel panic after updating to kernel

Antti J. Huhtala wrote:

Thanks again, Jim

It just dawned on me that against all good advice on this list and
elsewhere I decided to *upgrade* from FC6 to Fedora 7 instead of a fresh
install. That's why I had some minor issues two months ago, such as my
printer wasn't working and K3b didn't work either. Both problems were
resolved by removing and reinstalling.

The k3b breakage happened to me with several upgrades. (All that I recall). I have not tried printing on most of the upgraded systems but for one system it seems to have no troubles that were not present before the upgrade.

If I'm not mistaken, there are some packages renamed '.rpmnew' in my
system right now as a result of the upgrade. Guess I'll have to look
into them and see if there's something explaining why the new kernel
panics at boot. I also might consider a fresh install...

A lot of times with these files there is no difference except for dates created. It still is worth comparing the files with the in place versions.

I don't know if a fresh installation would land you at the same state or if the system would work with the latest kernel. A fresh install would allow you to change some preferences like lvm or partitions along with the new features which were introduced in Fedora 7 compared to earlier Fedora snapshots. Upgrades should offer the new features via the installer but currently do not offer a chance to add them on upgrade.


I'll report later what I found out.


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