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Re: Fwd: [Madwifi-users] Builing madwidi on 2.6.22

I had exactly the same problem. I'd only got MadWifi working a
couple of days ago so of course one of the the first things it
allowed me to download wirelessly was a kernel update that killed
itself!!! Ironic.
MadWifi no longer worked after the update and I couldn't
reinstall it, as per other peoples' experience.

Since, as it happens, I only have wireless access to the internet for
my Linux laptop (to be more exact, I have a single ethernet cable,
plugged into my Mac, and the Mac was providing Airport access for my
laptop, running Fedora 7 and MadWifi), I was going to resort to
booting into W**d*ws instead. However, grub showed me that I could
still boot into the older kernel, 2.6.21-1-3194.fc7.
MadWifi still works flawlessly with this.

So, this is a potential workaround. If you use grub to, say, dual
boot into Linux or W**d*ws, it now basically lets you tri-boot, and
you can select the older 2.6.21-1-3194.fc7 kernel for the time being
until they get around to fixing

When I got back into 2.6.21-1-3194.fc7 for the first time, I removed
and reinstalled MadWifi, just in case my efforts to reinstall it on
the newer kernel had damaged anything. As it was, I got some caution
messages saying that some modules were still installed, but it
didn't seem to cause any problems and MadWifi still works. Phew!

I only started using Linux this weekend... talk about a steep
learning curve! 


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