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Re: FC7 yum upgrade

Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 15:32 +0300, Catalin Bucur wrote:
-> /boot/grub/grub.conf
title Fedora (2.6.21-1.3194.fc7)
	root (hd0,1)
	kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.21-1.3194.fc7 ro root=LABEL=Cata

This "root" is for the /boot not the /, so it shouldn't (usually) be the
same as the fstab entry for the / partition.  It's for where the kernel
vmlinux and initrd files are located.

Do you have a boot partition?  If you don't (e.g. /boot/ is just a
directory in the tree), then you may have to specify the path (as you've
done, with /boot/ in front of the vmlinuz filename).  But, you *may*
find a system is unbootable without a boot partition.  That depends on
your BIOS & GRUB.  They have to be able to find the boot files.

I don't have a boot partition, /boot it's just a directory. So, it's ok from this point of view.

Catalin Bucur      mailto:cata geniusnet ro
NOC @ Genius Network SRL - Galati - Romania

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