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Re: F7 Kernel USB stick

and that didn't work with a scanner as user (only as root): once
again, I assume that the tester should at least have a scanner and an
USB stick and check them before issuing.
Otherwise three jumps ahead and two jumps back!!! and you don't know
what is going to be broken: updating means updating, not improving
some parts and killing others :-(

For what its worth, its not as simple as you are making out.

For me, the latest kernel actually fixed USB mounting - I now get it automatically whereas before I didn't. I use KDE, maybe thats important ?

Also what makes you think anyone owes it to you to test *your* hardware for you before releasing updates - Fedora isn't RHEL you know, no support guarantees etc. I suggest you take a look at the testing mailing list / repos to see how hard the testers do work. Still bugs will still get through in a bleeding edge distro like Fedora. Either make an effort and do the testing yourself and provide feedback, or use a more stable distro, like a RHEL derived work (centos... etc.)


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