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Re: Print problems FC7

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I am still confused. When I get the message printer off-line it means
> the printer is stopped. In the cups web pages for the printer I click on
> start printer and it is no longer off-line.
> That seems to me what cups is saying to you about your printer.
You have the option of taking stopping a printer, but still
accepting jobs for that printer. One use for this is to have more
then one queue for a printer, each with a different type of paper.
(Handy for printers that do not have different paper feeds.) You
then bring the printer on-line for the type of paper you have
loaded. For example, you may have a tractor feed printer that has
invoice forms loaded normally, but you also use it to print checks.
(Impact printers such as dot matrix printers are still the best way
to do multi-part forms. - Lasers and inkjets do not do carbons...)

Depending on the ErrorPolicy settings for a printer, CUPS may take
it off-line if there is an error. So the printer may be set to go
off-line if you run out of paper, and require you to start it
manually again...


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