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Re: AP: Hungary Officials Raid Microsoft Office

Andy Green wrote:
> Unfortunate that he brought the subject of the 'signal-to-noise'
> ratio up, then.

Yes, he should have known that you'd respond by being an asshat to a
rather polite request to post this off topic junk elsewhere.

> Running Fedora is a political choice that has ramifications.

Nearly everything in life has political ramifications.  That doesn't
make them on topic on this list.

> Microsoft - specifically - hate the fact you choose to run Free
> software and want to take control of that possibility.

It is still not on topic for this list.  Someone pointed this out in a
reasonable tone.  You chose to further degrade the discussion by
questioning his stature to question you.  That's poor form.

> If Microsoft succeed in their plans, you won't be able to run Fedora
> legally any more.  For that reason I will occasionally post about
> events concerning Microsoft that I consider important whether you
> like it or not.

Thanks for the warning.  I hate to have to drop you to my killfile,
since you provide a lot of insightful info here.

> Now you can choose to crap up the list you claim to be so concerned
> about some more, or get on with business.

Very nice.  You can make off topic posts, and then you get to try and
knock anyone that points it out to you as "crapping up" the list.

Don't be such an asshole.

I'm done with this thread.  Feel free to spout off about it further,
it you feel the need.

Todd        OpenPGP -> KeyID: 0xBEAF0CE3 | URL: www.pobox.com/~tmz/pgp
Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings, they did it by
killing all those who opposed them.

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