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Re: F7 kernel dhcp & time issues

Le vendredi 27 juillet 2007, Patrick a écrit :
> Hi all,
> When I run kernel my laptop can no longer get an IP address
> with DHCP. This works fine with kernel The driver is tg3.
> When I login (Gnome Desktop) I see that the time is 2 hours ahead (I'm
> in CET). Strange because $ date gives back the correct time and so does
> $ hwclock. Even weirder is that when I right click on the time and
> select "Adjust Date & Time" it gives back the right time. Booting with
> the time is correct.
> Known issues? Bugzilla?

Read the list before posting....
It was 8 hours ago...

And please, don't post two different problems in the same post, that will 
become unreadable.

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