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Re: Goodbye F7... Hello FC6 ...why not F8 test 1?

On Fri, 2007-07-27 at 12:00 -0300, Thomas TS wrote:
> Jim Cornette wrote:
> >
> > Fedora 8 test 1 is about to kick off. Are you sure you don't want to 
> > go forward instead of reverse?
> >
> After a week of pain... moved back to FC6 and life is good again !!! 

Well, things worked for me with F7. Now moving to the first test is full
of problems as of today.

Seamonkey, thunderbird do not work. The kernel does not shut off the
computer with power management. Those are just two problems that are
straight out broken.

> When 8 arrives, maybe i try the 7.

One release back might be best for stability. That is if the bugs in F7
are reported and fixed. Otherwise, the problem won't be known and still
present within later releases.

I understand the reality though regarding using earlier releases until
the settling.



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