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Re: cups-appletalk

Tony Nelson schreef:
At 4:56 PM -0500 7/27/07, Chris Mohler wrote:
Hi all,

Anyone out there print to Appletalk printers from Fedora?  I've put a
small package up for review here:

However, it just occurred to me that if no one else uses an Appletalk
printer than there's no need to package it.

I have such a printer.  I've glanced at the script.  What is the advantage
of this script over, say, papwrap.pl?

I must admit that I can't print to the printer now, due to some sort of
difficulty with AARP and probably netatalk.

lots of those printers, like the 16/600 can be setup through a mac os 9 utility so that they have an ip adres, then there is no need for appletalk.
I don't think the utility exists for osx but it should run in classic.

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