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Re: questions on how to install Fedora 7 from downloaded iso

stan wrote:
On Sat, 28 Jul 2007 01:20:50 -0700
Darlene Wallach <freepalestin dslextreme com> wrote:



You might have problems with this because F7 expects the partitions to
be named as sda instead of hda.  All drives are treated as scsi now
whether they are or not.  There is information on this in the release
notes online.


Thank you - I need to remember to read!
So I should modify grub to:
title Fedora 7 install
          root (hd0,0)
          kernel /vmlinuz-f7-install ro root=/dev/sda3
          initrd /initrd-f7-install.img

What I'm not sure of is if the install will allow me to
access the external hard drive for the installation.

Which external hard drive?  I see only the hda drive mentioned.

I have a external firewire harddrive onto which I
downloaded the dvd iso. I copied the following two files
to the /boot on my internal drive.

My question is when I start the installation, will I
have access to the external firewire harddrive for
the install.

Have I made any mistakes in what I plan on doing?

It reads to me like you want to boot your existing system with the F7
kernel.  Is this correct?  I'm not clear on what you are trying to do

Since my BIOS will not allow me to boot from my SCSI
CD-ROM I am following procedures Conor Daly sent me
to get around the problem. Last time I had CDs that
the install directed me to insert for the the full
installation. Since I don't have CDs I'm wondering
if having downloaded the DVD iso to the external
harddrive I will be able to install F7 from the
DVD iso I downloaded.

Thank you for your attention and patience,

Darlene Wallach

Andy's suggestion of installing a cheap IDE DVD-ROM is a good one if
you can afford it.  You bypass all of this.  Of course, you might
consider this to be fun.  ;-)

I cannot afford even a cheap $15 IDE DVD-ROM. And this
can be educational for me.

Thank you for the heads up about sda vs hda and the
link to the release notes.

Darlene Wallach

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