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Re: F7 kernel resume issue w/ Acer TM6460

Hi Dave,

On Sun, 2007-07-29 at 23:12 +1000, David Timms wrote:
> Patrick wrote:
> > *** resent with proper date/time. apologies for taking you back to '88 ***
> ...
> ...
> > The results of booting with various parameters are:
> > 
> > Boot param	     result
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > vga=792		      no working resume
> > vga=normal	      no working resume
> > maxcpus=1	      no working resume
> > noapic		      no working resume
> > nolapic		      no working resume
> > noapic nolapic	      no working resume
> > nolapic_timer	      no working resume
> > nohz=off	      no working resume
> > ec_burst=1	      no working resume
> > nolapic ec_burst=1    no working resume
> > acpi=noirq ec_burst=1 no working resume
> My understanding is that you need to also try:
> pm-suspend --quirk-xxx
> each quirk alone, and then again with each other. This amounts to 
> hundreds of combinations.

I tried all the ones listed in various combinations:

[root localhost ~]# pm-suspend --help
pm-action [options]

Options can change how the supend or hibernate is done.

Possible actions are:


However they all seem related to kicking the gfx back into gear while my
issue is about the harddisk not activating again. Nevertheless I tried
them and it did not make a difference.

> I looked at the existing quirks list, and found a few nb's from the same 
> manufacturer {or with same chipset/video}, noted and tried those quirks. 
> After 15 tries, I had not had success.

Same here :(

> I wish you better luck. {if not set gnome-power-manager to just turn 
> backlight off at lid close and suspend activation.

I think we need more than luck. Hopefully the regression will get fixed

> I wonder if a quirk can be written to disable suspend on machines that 
> are found to be problematic, so that we don't lose information by default.

That would not be a bad idea. Perhaps bugzilla an RFE?

Thank you for you suggestions.


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