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Re: JibJab - no sound - wrong sound card.

I'm not 100% sure why nobody's suggested this, but...

I'm going to take a leap, here, and assume that you're not using your
onboard (Intel) sound system, since you spent the time, energy and money
to buy and install the Sound Blaster.

Why not just go into your system's BIOS setup, and turn off that sound
system?  Voila...no more confusion over which sound card/subsystem to use.

> OK, this was working but it has stopped.
> For a long time videos on CNN had never worked.
> Then, several weeks ago they started working.
> And then several weeks more and the AUDIO stopped but the video was fine.
> For some reason, today I decided to go to jibjab, and lo, the same
> behaviour.
> I see the video, but no audio.  Now this has ALWAYS worked.
> And my suspision is that I have a built in sound card (intel) on the
> motherboard,
> and add on sound card (sound blaster) and the jibjab (and probably the
> CNN) are
> connecting to the WRONG ONE (the intel).
> Changing the connection to the other output, and lo I have audio.
> So how do I tell the world which is the default sound card?
> Or how do I tell individual programs what is the default sound card?
> I dont see anything in jibjab nor in the netscape that it is running in
> Mumph.
> Grump.
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