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Re: questions on how to install Fedora 7 from downloaded iso

On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 16:52 -0700, Darlene Wallach wrote:
> Thank you - I need to remember to read!
> So I should modify grub to:
> title Fedora 7 install
>            root (hd0,0)
>            kernel /vmlinuz-f7-install ro root=/dev/sda3
>            initrd /initrd-f7-install.img
> I have a external firewire harddrive onto which I
> downloaded the dvd iso. I copied the following two files
> to the /boot on my internal drive.
> /tmp/mountpoint/isolinux/initrd.img
> /tmp/mountpoint/isolinux/vmlinuz
> My question is when I start the installation, will I
> have access to the external firewire harddrive for
> the install.
> Since my BIOS will not allow me to boot from my SCSI
> CD-ROM I am following procedures Conor Daly sent me
> to get around the problem. Last time I had CDs that
> the install directed me to insert for the the full
> installation. Since I don't have CDs I'm wondering
> if having downloaded the DVD iso to the external
> harddrive I will be able to install F7 from the
> DVD iso I downloaded.
> I cannot afford even a cheap $15 IDE DVD-ROM. And this
> can be educational for me.
> Thank you for the heads up about sda vs hda and the
> link to the release notes.
> Darlene Wallach

I'm already did this too with FC6 CD set, not yet try with F7. The
advantage did this with CD set FC6 is you didn't need to replace CD if
the installed application span across many CD, with DVD tough this is
not the case, maybe the speed is more faster because the speed read from
hard disk more faster than from DVD rom but I don't have a number ;-)

>From my experience, I don't remember that the kernel did load the
firewire driver and anaconda offer the installation from that. Maybe you
just try it and report it ;-)

If that not working, I'm afraid that you must attaching the HD from
firewire manually to the computer.


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