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new defaults install of f7, ff crashes gnome?

uneventful defaults install, nvidia 5200 card was auto-recognized,
installed, recognized my Sun/Sony 21" monitor, OK
nothing of note in logs, but starting ff2.0.0.5 causes gnome to
crash, it restarts, shows me a bugzilla report, I send.  I don't
think it's crashing X because it drops back to graphical logon
screen, looks just like the one after boot.

>From time to time it works, like now.

googled around some, went thru 30 pages of topics on this forum, not
finding much.

Also, the back and forward buttons won't work on my mouse, 2
different mice, both logitec, 1 ps2, 1 usb.

Do I need to install the (gasp) proprietary Nvidia driver?  I
normally don't do closed stuff at all, but this is approaching

TIA for any ideas, scornful comments, cheap shots, etc.

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