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Re: Presto repositories for FC6, F7 and Rawhide back up.

On Mon, 2007-07-30 at 08:56 +0200, Andre Robatino (arobatino) wrote:
> > I had the presto plugin installed and enabled but nothing
> > was happening at that front. The deltaurl line was mentioned in
> > the plugin config but was not being used which I presume is a bug.
>   I added the deltaurl line in presto.conf, under the [updates]
> section, in F7, and it just works (note that the [updates] line must
> also be uncommented, maybe you forgot this?).  I know it's not
> recommended to use presto.conf, but I'm expecting that when F8
> comes out it won't be necessary to configure anything, and in
> the meantime this is the path of least resistance (it's not
> likely there will be more than one server for FC6/F7, anyway).

For F7, yes (at least for the moment), it will work.  For F8 and beyond,
it definitely won't.

The reason that the deltaurl line is commented is that it is against
Fedora policy to have a Fedora package receive data from a non-Fedora
site by default.  Yes, it's a bit byzantine, but we've already had one
server get shut down, so it's probably best this way.

With yum-presto in Rawhide, you don't have to set any deltaurls (though
you do have to set the baseurl to point to the test repository).


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