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Re: Presto repositories for FC6, F7 and Rawhide back up.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2007 at 08:56:02AM +0200, Andre Robatino (arobatino) wrote:
> > I had the presto plugin installed and enabled but nothing
> > was happening at that front. The deltaurl line was mentioned in
> > the plugin config but was not being used which I presume is a bug.
>   I added the deltaurl line in presto.conf, under the [updates]
> section, in F7, and it just works (note that the [updates] line must
> also be uncommented, maybe you forgot this?).  I know it's not
> recommended to use presto.conf, but I'm expecting that when F8
> comes out it won't be necessary to configure anything, and in
> the meantime this is the path of least resistance (it's not
> likely there will be more than one server for FC6/F7, anyway).
Yes, you are right. It got left uncommented and I was thinking that
presto was broken. Actually I had stopped experimenting when the old
repo was stripped off as anounced by Janathan.

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