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Handling Updates...

I'm looking at moving to F7 for our next generation HW.  As an
investigation into the running of F7, I installed it on our old HW to
check it's functionality and prep for the changes.

Right away I got "BUG: warning at
kernel/softirq.c:138/local_bh_enable() (Not tainted)".  This bug has
been reported and fixed

The end result is that I have to update the kernel.

The question :: If I'm going to update, how can I freeze on one
particular update (so I ship the same thing today as I do in 1 year)?

We use kickstart already, so updates can be scripted easily enough but
I would imagine that Glibc/gcc and other updates should occur at the
same time as the kernel - What's the proper way to stop this from
being a moving target?  Do I just download everything today and hope
it's a good freeze point while scripting it into our kickstart files?

Anyone here solved this problem before?

- G.

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