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Re: F7 Kernel USB stick

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:
>> Also what makes you think anyone owes it to you to test *your* hardware
>> for you before releasing updates - Fedora isn't RHEL you know, no
>> support guarantees etc.
> I don't agree.
> If a developer makes a change which prevents the software working
> with some hardware it previously worked with,
> I think the onus is on the developer to warn the user of this.
You would have a valid point if you were running RHEL or one of the
clones like centos. By definition, some changes in Fedora are going
to break things for some people.

> If the developer doesn't realize that his modification
> will have this effect, he has made a mistake.
Considering the sometimes complex interactions between the kernel,
udev, HAL, and your desktop manager, it is almost impossible to know
how a modification is going to affect all machines. This is why we
have testing. You can have a modification that works fine for the
developer, works fine for the people that use the testing repos, but
will still fail for a small percentage of the final users.

> I very much doubt if anyone realized that going from
> to could have any adverse effect.
This is why there is a testing process that starts with the
developer, progresses to the testing repos, and finely moves to us.
Because of the wide range of hardware/software, there is no way the
developers can test it all. The testing repos give a wider range,
but it still doesn't come close to the Fedora user base. I don't
know about you, but part of the reason I am using Fedora is to help
get the bugs out.


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