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Re: Back Again

Around 08:04pm on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 (UK time), Claude Jones scrawled:

> Your remarks are beyond repulsive, your behavior unconscionable, 
> and you and the rest of the wing nuts piling on Karl do NOT 
> speak for me. Until you guys begin to exhibit a little tolerance 
> and practice a little common courtesy, you can put me on your 
> list of "not your friends" too! Let it also be stated for the 
> public record that not one of you keyboard cowards has the least 
> standing as moderator of this list. 

Maybe not, but they are entitled to their view.  And, in my opinion they
are correct, Karl treats this list as his personal blog, mixing off
topic comment with misleading or plain wrong information.

And there has been plenty of tolerance and politeness shown.  I suspect
a number of people felt that after the pleasant change while Karl has
been away, his return was a good opportunity to try and keep things that


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