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Re: Back Again

On Tue, July 31, 2007 2:04 pm, Claude Jones wrote:

> Your remarks are beyond repulsive, your behavior unconscionable,
> and you and the rest of the wing nuts piling on Karl do NOT
> speak for me. Until you guys begin to exhibit a little tolerance
> and practice a little common courtesy, you can put me on your
> list of "not your friends" too! Let it also be stated for the
> public record that not one of you keyboard cowards has the least
> standing as moderator of this list.

A couple things:

1. I never stated that I spoke for you.
2. Your generalizations of people who have previously responded to this
thread is highly insulting to me.
3. You are not a moderator on this list. I am as welcome to my opinion and
to post as you are. I am also welcome to community scrutiny as everyone
who posts here is. From my understanding this list is largely

In reviewing my post I have found nothing repulsive, unconscionable, or
cowardly in my statements.

- Erich

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