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Re: F7: unable to upgrade from FC6 (weird hdaX errors)

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 11:40 PM +0530 6/3/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
André Costa wrote:

It didn't go too far: I was immediately presented with another error:

"Error enabling swap partition device hda5: no such file or directory.
The /etc/fstab on your upgrade partition does not reference a valid
swap partition. Press ok to reboot your system".

(notice again the 'hda5' instead of 'sda5'... could it be due to the
fact that I don't have LABELs for hda5 and hda6?)
Yes. Due the libata changes from /dev/hd* to /dev/sd* everything
requires labels to upgrade smoothly. Fedora installer provide labels by
default but if you did any customization you might have to set it
manually. More information on how to do this is available in the release
notes at


Rahul -- is this also true for LVM2 partitions?  ISTM that it would only
affect /dev/hd* partitions and their fstab entries.  I haven't tried to
install yet (or rather not that far yet) or I'd know, but I could use the

I believe it does not affect LVM's.


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