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Re: F7 looking [not so] good here.

Tom Horsley wrote:
package-cleanup --problems > missing.txt

Edit the missing.txt file to get just the names of the missing
dependencies (one per line), then

yum install `cat missing.txt`

I've got two bugzillas on this now (probably the same problem):


The dependency checking process seems to be pretty busted.

Not really. The above two bugs are duplicates of something that yum does and if there is indeed a bug you should just file or reassign it against yum and not file different ones against individual graphical front end's.

Having said that it appears that you are using third party repositories and upgraded without their F7 equivalents being enabled. Yum is doing the right thing is this case. What you should do is install or enable the Fedora 7 repository for whatever third party repository you are using and run yum update or remove those packages and install them again from the F7 equivalent.


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