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Re: Where are all the updates gone?

On Sat, 3 Mar 2007, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Res wrote:

This is the funny thing, Fedora tots itself as "bleeding edge"


Read the archives, I was repeatedly shot down with the 'bleeding edge technology' line when I complained about lilo's complete removal.

yet only do so called security backports to stuff, like the ol true RH used
to, which was cool because RH never promoted itself as bleeding edge..

Factually incorrect. By last count, only about 10% in Fedora Core updates is backports. If you take into consideration Fedora Extras the percentage would probably go down even further.

I see a bit more than 10%, and within that 10% is very very common and heavily used everyday programs, lets see how long it takes something like
apache and sendmail and bind to be updated :)

Which is one of the reasons I no longer use any Fedora hacked daemons.
or Fedora at all on any servers in my data center.

Oh yeah that reminds me 'Fedora is bleeding edge technology you shouldnt be running on servers if you wanted a stable environment', that I forgot was another common line that used to be throw around.

I don't give a toss if I'm lablled a troll, which I will be because I am 'rocking the boat', nor do I care that the truth hurts most people and when they pop out of the woodwork to label people trolls, they stand out as one themselves :)

This concludes this weeks rant.


"We can be Heroes, just for one day" - Davey (Jones) Bowie

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