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Re: Where are all the updates gone?

Res wrote:

This is the funny thing, Fedora tots itself as "bleeding edge"


Read the archives, I was repeatedly shot down with the 'bleeding edge technology' line when I complained about lilo's complete removal.

What folks say here cant be taken as Fedora toting anything. It is just some user opinions. Lilo got dropped because there was no one has been interested in maintaining it and due to Grub being more capable as the default boot loader. It has nothing to do with being "bleeding edge". If you want lilo, you are free to maintain it. See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras.

I see a bit more than 10%, and within that 10% is very very common and heavily used everyday programs, lets see how long it takes something like
apache and sendmail and bind to be updated :)

Doesnt take away your claim that Fedora only provides backports. That is completely wrong. At any rate, Apache, sendmail and bind upstream development itself moves slowly since these are more mature components that doesnt require changes more often. Any update has to be balanced against the benefits vs potential disruptiveness. If there is a compelling need for any package update to be provided, you can request the maintainer using bugzilla.


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