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Re: Recommendation for Fedora server?

ed hp uab edu wrote:
On Mon, 1 Oct 2007, Karl Larsen wrote:

I know that. I was not aware the goal was to draw 30 Watts or less. I do not think you can do that with a power supply mass produced for computers. You need more than that to boot up the system. The hard drives use like 20 watts when loaded. If you have two working it will be too much for a power source you are trying to use. Forget that 30 Watt limit. It will not work.

Well, we don't just give up because it sounds hard. Timothy, the original poster, needs to decide if its worth the money and time to take a server down to 30 watts.

I'm interested, because it looks like there is an ability to run a computer with 5 watts. Its just a matter of what I will be able to do with it.



Hi Ed, right now the CPU cooler fan on this computer draws more than 5 Watts :-)

I have the manual for the 5 watt computer and will read it. I see they power the computer from a car battery. So the whole thing is taking just w = v times i so i = w/v = 25/12 = 2 amps. That is a tiny draw for a new car. My old Durango has a 125 Amp alternator!


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