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FC6 - Xeon DP crashes

Hi Fedora list:

I'm having a problem with a FC6 server running kernels
kernel- and kernel-

The hardware is:

Tyan Tiger i7501R S2735.  newest BIOS.
Intel 32 bit Xeon 2.8Ghz 533 FSB sSpec SL6VN
2 * 80GB IDE DASD.

The interesting bit:  The server resets, no kernel panic, no oops,
nothing but a reset.  I have *.debug in syslog, and see no errors in
syslog or in dmesg.

The resets seem random.  They can occur at any point within a couple
hours of boot.

This ONLY happens when I have two processors on the board.  I have
rotated multiple processors in the second socket, and from the second
socket to the primary socket.  They only way the server is stable is when
it has only a single processor.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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