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Re: help moving addresses?

On Monday 01 October 2007 02:59:54 pm Paul Lemmons wrote:
> -------- Original Message  --------
> Subject: help moving addresses?
> From: Dave Stevens <geek uniserve com>
> To: For users of Fedora <fedora-list redhat com>
> Date: 10/01/2007 02:52 PM
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have posted already to the kde-pim list with no response, so am trying
> > here.
> >
> > I have two computers, old and new running respectively FC5 x86_64 and F7
> > x86_64. On the old I have kaddressbook 3.5.3. I'd like to move it's 1500
> > or so contacts to kmail 1.9.7 on the new computer. I can manage the data
> > transfer but what files do I need to move?
> >
> > I know I can export and reimport but is there something simpler?
> >
> > Dave
> How much simpler do you want it?

OK I guess I deserve that. Simple is good but only if it works out. Exporting 
seems to the developers to have meant "export to some foreign format." My 
experience has been that this inevitably involves trying to match up field 
names that vary or do not to some extent exist in the other format, then 
prying the information out by doing some analogous step on importing. Lots of 
potential for data loss and confusion. What I actually did was to take 
Arthur's advice. That worked fine, no confusion and right up to date.

Thanks to all who replied.


> I do not know which file/directory to  
> move. It may be faster if I did; but I doubt it. Not knowing the
> back-end way of doing this and knowing that I could export to a single
> file and import that same file into the other system and the fact that I
> really only have to do this once, I would choose the
> export/transfer/import and be done with it.

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