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Re: F7 and WoW?

2007/10/2, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com>:
> Rudolf Kastl wrote:
> > Why do you people use nonfree stuff like cedega? cedega is only based
> > on a years old wine...
> >
> > id really recommend to use wine for that tasks... it is free and it is
> > the original. please stop recommending proprietary crap when there are
> > free solutions.
> Then please provide the solution to the OP as to how to run WoW under wine.


theres a stability problem with .45 below and beyond are working fine
(since a while..)

theres also a special wiki for tweaking the settings linked in the
above post. if you should discover problems not mentioned please
report them with upstream bugzilla and link it to the entry.

Rudolf Kastl
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