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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Res wrote:

>> style abbreviations will also lead some to dismiss your posts as
>> sloppy and
> err, this is not a legal document, its not a report of any form
> therefore i dont really care about typos, if this was a proper conducted
> email conversation youd see how i repsond completely different to here,
> i dont care if anyone takes me seriously or calls me a troll, i dont
> care if you are the only one who ever reads this post, ive always bene
> like it and well, at my age its hard to change.

Well, it may not be a legal document...but it does say something about who
you are.  It is similar to wearing clean clothes when you go to visit
friends, family, employers, etc.  I suppose you also don't care about how
you look and how that affects people's impression of you.

I'm not quite sure you care about much.

FWIW, it is not hard to change at any age.  All it requires is the
realization that change is needed and a desire to change.  My Dad is 80 and
he still determines that change is needed from time to time.

>> FWIW, I've signed many an NDA in my life time and it is not so hard to
>> present facts about a situation without violating the spirit of the NDA.
> he wants me to produce figures, thats what he wants, and thats what will
> get be s crewed, no way around it, if i produce em i would expect to be
> screwed, furthermore this NDA has an expire time of 30 years after me
> departure, to which wont matter too much given my age  i wont be around
> then anyway :)

Well, then you are not as creative as I thought you could be.  As I've said,
I have signed many an NDA and yet have been able to use the information
gleaned in the projects to the advantage in other projects without violating
the terms and conditions of the NDA.  The first step is not to start the
discussion by saying..."When I worked at Quest.....".

FWIW, in a previous post you said:

"you know why? because in 99.7% of the times it IS the customers fault."

You do go on and seem to say that the customer may not be directly at
fault...but even then you seem to be placing blame on their shoulders.  If
that is your attitude and that is what you truly feel about "customers" then
I would be happy not to be one of your customers.

It is almost like saying it is the "Fedora customer's fault" when they do
"yum update" and their USB ports no longer function.

The problem may be "at the customer's end" but the blame lies not with the

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