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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:

Then you should also know not to present something as "fact" when you can't
support it with verifiable data.  Saying something is "true" doesn't make it so.

I can support it, but not on a pulbic list adn you can repeat your statement as often as you like, i really dont care becasue my network runs smoothly i have a lot of time to repeat teh same stuff as well

Correct, how is it ISPs problem that micro$lop sent out a screwed
update, how is it our fault that the users use zone alarm and blocks our
DNS, we provide Internet Access, we are not hand holders nor teachers of
PC's, there are institutions out there that specialise in that, in this
country your avg council run library has these courses, I'm sure they
have teh same elsewhere, so it might possibly not be the customers fault
but its also not our fault that somthing on your pc is preventing you
from using the net.

Yup, don't want to be one of your customers.

so you expect us to support every facet of your pc?
what part of ISP's are not there to teach you how to use a PC cant you comprehend? we dont sell them, nor do we wrote the software you use, if anyone has that obligation is the store that you bought your pc from...
next youll be crying foul our cust support staff refuse to show you how
to use excel *sigh* and dont worry about not wanting to be one my customers, i dont wont you to be one :)

While it "isn't" their problem they go the extra mile to help.  I believe it
is what some people refer to as "service".

thats not quite the same, unless they walk up the road showing them personally where those stores are, in which case their manager should be asking when do they have time to help the customers who are buying from them, oh wait, maybe thats why some ISP's tech support lines can keep people on hold for an hour before someone can get to them, microsoft wrote the crap 95% of customers use, if there pc retailer can not help, then they need to call m$ support. m$ do not pay us or give us any kickback for teaching someone how to use their software, so we sure as hell wont be doing it.



Slackware -V- sloooUbuntoooou

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